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  (updated February 23, 2018)

  • Cross Connection Inspections: For those property owners who have an additional backflow device, Double Check Valve or Pressure Vacuum Breaker, on their system for sprinkler system, solar system, dark room, drip irrigation, hot tub, etc., need to have these devices tested. Please fill out the attached authorization and we will perform the State Mandated testing.

  • noxious weeds

    These two "beautiful flowers" are actually considered knoxious weeds. Spotted Knapweed and Dalmation Toadflax are plants you want to remove from your property. Please review the linked flyer on Noxious Weeds for more information on how to remove these invasive plants. This map will show you which areas are at the most risk for finding these plants.

  • The Tollgate Board of Directors :: Please consider volunteering for the Tollgate Board of Directors. There are two openings this year for Board Members. You CAN make a difference in your community. These links will provide you with more information about serving on your Tollgate Board. Board Member Duties, Board Member Agreement and Board Member Application.

    tollgate cleanup
  • Our next Highway Litter Patrol is will be scheduled for this fall. Please check back for the date. Thank you to all who came out for the June Litter Patrol. For all Litter Patrols please meet at the Tollgate Rec Center at 9:00 a.m. If you have volunteered previously please meet us at the Rec Center at 9:30 a.m. Take this opportunity to meet your neighbors, do a "good deed" and have fun! Please consider volunteering a few hours of your time to the "Tollgate Litter Patrol."

  • The next formal Board Meeting will be Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 in the Rec Hall beginning at ** 6:30 PM **. If you have an item you wish to have on the agenda, please fill out an Address the Board Form and return to the Tollgate Office anytime prior to the Board Meeting. The Board will be better able to address your concerns if the Address the Board Form is turned in at least 10 days prior to the Board Meeting. If you wish to serve on the Tollgate Board of Directors please review the Board Member Agreement and the Qualities and Responsibilities of Board Members. The Board of Directors recently adopted a Mission Statement for Tollgate. You can view the Mission Statement here.Click on this link to download an application to serve on the Tollgate Board of Directors.

  • Due to our residents hard work and grants we have received a Firewise 4 Star rating for our community - the highest standard. Congratulations to all!

  • In 1979 a forest fire swept through Tollgate destroying several homes. This video, Tollgate Forest Fire, (video courtesy of Boone Zimmerlee, Oregon Deptment of Forestry COD Stewardship Forester) shows why it is so important to maintain defensible space around your home. Other fires in our area in the past include the Cache Mountain Fire that took out two homes in Black Butte Ranch in 2002. In the Three Rivers area west of Madras, the Eyerly Fire destroyed 18 structures in 2002, the Awbrey Hall inferno in 1990 that burned 22 homes, while the Skeleton Fire incinerated 19 more in 1996.

  • “Feeding The Deer Ban Policy”: Current scientific data supports the fact that feeding native deer harms the deer population and attracts unwanted predators of deer to our neighborhood. Therefore, a person, who knowingly places, deposits, distributes, stores or scatters food, garbage or any other attractant so as to constitute a lure, attraction or enticement for deer, will be issued a written notification along with photo(s) of proof and will be required to remove the attractant within 48 hours of notification. If such person(s) does not remove the attractant within the required 48 hours they will be fined $50. Second offence for feeding the deer will incur a $50 fine, third offense $100, fourth offense $250 and any additional offense will be fined at the Boards discretion.

  • Ken Birkes, Tollgate's Maintenance Manager, was recently interviewed for a presentation to Oregon State University by Bruce Shindler, Oregon State University's Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society about Tollgate's efforts to be a Firewise Community. You can see Ken's interview here.

  • Tollgate's participation in "Project Wildfire" was hailed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as an "exceptional example" of a community's participation in the project. See the full story with photos!

  • If you have a suggestion on how the Board can enhance communication, act on your behalf or any other comment or concern, please fill out the downloadable Address the Board Form. Additionally, the following links will take you to the calendar indicating the dates of the board meetings and the yearly agenda items the Board reviews at its scheduled meetings. The entire letter and attachments from Board of Directors can be downloaded or viewed here.

Tollgate is a planned community outside the city of Sisters, Oregon. Located at the base of the Three Sisters Mountains in the high desert of Central Oregon, Tollgate consists of 440 half acre homesites. Tollgate is surrounded on all sides by National Forest land. Why the name Tollgate? A stagecoach road ran along the present site of Wagon Wheel, passing along a section of Lariat on its way over Cache Mountain. Tollgate was developed by Brooks Resources in the early 1970’s and on January 1, 1980, management was turned over to the Tollgate Property Owners

Amenities include a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, pedestrian/bike path, horse shoe pit and volleyball. There is also a Recreation Hall. The Recreation Hall can be used for a $15 fee and a $150 refundable cleaning deposit. Tollgate also provides a common core area and common areas that allow easy access to the surrounding National Forest.

Tollgate is governed by a volunteer seven-member Board of Directors. Tollgate employs a Business Manager, Kristy Johnson, to carry out the business and other affairs of the community. The Business Manager receives instructions from the Board.The business office is located next to the Recreation Hall in the common core area. Newsletters and other informational publications are sent out quarterly.

The roads and common areas are maintained by our Maintenance Manager, Ken Birkes.

Fire protection insurance rating is a class 5/6. Sisters/Camp Sherman Fire Protection District has a sub-station located next to the tennis courts which houses two fire trucks. Fire hydrants were installed in 1996.

Tollgate has a very proactive weed abatement and fire protection program. Information can be obtained at the Tollgate Office.

Our water source is from one well located near the recreation area and a second well located just outside Tollgate off Wagon Wheel road. Tollgate Water Company, a non-profit corporation, administers the water system. The Tollgate Water Company is governed by the same seven member Board as the Association.

We look forward to meeting you, please feel free to stop by the office for any additional information you might need.

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