ALLOWED ANIMALS: No animals other than domestic household pets or horses shall be kept on any part of your property.

ANIMAL WASTE: Animal waste shall be removed not less frequently than every seven days. Lot Owner shall be responsible for the control and abatement of pests and odors produced from such waste. At no time shall the presence of animals be allowed to become offensive.

DEER: Current scientific data supports the fact that feeding native deer harms the deer population and attracts unwanted predators of deer to our neighborhood. Therefore, a person, who knowingly places, deposits, distributes, stores or scatters food, garbage or any other attractant so as to constitute a lure, attraction or enticement for deer, will be issued a written notification along with photo(s) of proof and will be required to remove the attractant within 48 hours of notification. If such person(s) does not remove the attractant within the required 48 hours they will be fined $50. The second offence for feeding the deer will incur a $50 fine, third offense $100, fourth offense $250 and any additional offense will be fined at the Boards discretion.

DOGS: Under Deschutes County ordinances, dogs must be kept under the control of the owner, at all times. Be a good neighbor and don’t allow your dog(s) to run freely or become a nuisance by barking. Scoop your dog poop and dispose of it appropriately. There are pet waste bags and bins at regular intervals along the walking path. If you experience problems with neighboring dogs, we urge you to first contact that neighbor and if that is to no avail, contact Deschutes County at 541-693-6911.