Fire Evacuation

Download Tollgate map with Fire Exit and evacuation information (pdf)

Log Your Firewise Volunteer Hours

For a community to receive a Firewise rating, the residents must log volunteer hours. Participating sites must accomplish the equivalent of one hour of work for every dwelling unit (home) in the community (Tollgate has 440 units). Tollgate can achieve this through documenting our work hours, cash spent, or in-kind services received. 

Firewise Home Resources

Firewise Community Resources

Please take time to review the following information regarding wildfire prevention, Fire Alert and Evacuation procedures, burning regulations, fire exit locations and Red Cross Family Disaster Plan.

Tollgate Dump Trailer and Debris Dumpster

DUMP TRAILER: is available for homeowners to use for pine cones, needles and seedlings removed from the common area. It’s a great way to reduce the fuel load around your property. Try inviting your neighbors and make a it into a party! Two times are offered each week, Friday 10 am to Wednesday at 8 am, and Wednesday 10 am  to Friday at 8 am. Homeowners will receive an automated reminder two days ahead of time.

Sign up for the dump trailer. You can enter info about where the maintenance staff should deliver the trailer. Staff will pick it up and take it to the dump. Tollgate will pick up the tab for the dump fee.

DEBRIS DUMPSTER: There is no charge to use the debris dumpster by the maintenance yard and the well house. It’s emptied as needed, typically on Tuesdays and Fridays. It is NOT for contractor use. Only yard debris is permitted — no trash, rocks, stumps or bags of any kind, please. If it’s full, do not leave debris on the ground or next to the dumpster.

FireFree Days at the Northwest Transfer Station on Fryear Road is announced each spring. Take advantage of this annual event to dispose of yard debris at “no charge” (FREE!).

Need a New Home Address Sign?

Many Tollgate properties sport old, faded address markers. Our Sisters Camp Sherman Fire Department can provide you with a beautiful, bright green 6″ x 13″ reflective address sign and a mounting post. These signs are installed at the beginning of the driveway to properly identify your residence from the street. The cost is only $20 and includes installation. Order yours online.

Outdoor Burning in Tollgate

Please note the Tollgate’s outdoor burning regulations have changed. TPOA will no longer allow campfires, burn barrels or wood fire pits during the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Department designated fire season. Gas or charcoal barbecue units or propane fire pits will be allowed.

Absolutely NO FIREWORKS are allowed in Tollgate.

The Importance of Defensible Space

In 1979 a forest fire swept through Tollgate destroying several homes. This video, (video courtesy of Boone Zimmerlee, Oregon Department of Forestry COD Stewardship Forester) shows why it is so important to maintain defensible space around your home.

A note from your Tollgate Firewise Committee: Watch this mesmerizing video about the 1979 fire in Tollgate! Look for familiar landmarks in Tollgate; see what you recognize; watch and listen to the roar of the flames as this fire tried to devour our neighborhood. Listen closely to the expert analysis and advice offered more than four decades ago on protecting your home, your neighbors’ homes and our community.