The goal of a home assessment is to create a fire-resistant Tollgate community as individual residents improve their home’s ignition resistance. Tollgate Firewise assessors are highly trained through the National Fire Protection Association and the Tollgate Firewise Committee. The home assessment is advisory only, and we hope you will find it useful as you continue to mitigate the fire danger not only for your home but for your neighbors as well.

How the Tollgate Firewise Assessment program works:

  • Request your assessment by submitting the online form at the bottom of this page.
  • You’ll be contacted to schedule a convenient time to meet at your property. 
  • Two Firewise assessors will examine the exterior of your home and outbuildings as well as the grounds. You’ll get on-the-spot recommendations. 
  • Several days later, you’ll receive a written report via email that covers our recommendations and what steps you can take to “harden” your property against fire danger.  
  • A copy of your assessment report will be securely stored and will never be shared without your explicit permission.

ex. 12345 Lariat