We would like to share this information to help you adapt to your new community. 
More detailed info can be found on the documents page.

Tollgate Business Manager can assist with any questions on weekdays, during business hours 541-549-7962.


Cable-Bend Broadband: 541-382-5551
Central Electric Cooperative: 541-548-2144
Republic Services: 541-548-4984: Wednesday morning pickup – please secure lids from animals and keep cans 5-6 feet from the road during snow plowing conditions.

Recycling: Please recycle newsprint in the receptacle by the Tollgate postal box area. All other recyclables can be dropped off at the Sisters Recycle Center, 328 Sisters Park Dr., 7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. daily.

Postal Boxes: Tollgate postal boxes are obtained through the Sisters Post Office: 541-549-0412.

Dues & Fees

Tollgate Property Association Dues: Please refer to Fees and Dues for current amounts.
Tollgate Water Company Fees: Refer to Fee and Dues for current amounts.

Fire safety

Fire Exits: The Tollgate map shows the approved fire exits for Tollgate. Please take the time to locate the fire exit nearest you, and read the information posted under Fire Safety.

Outdoor burning: regulated by the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District. Prior to burning, you must sign up for an account through sistersfire.com. Tollgate also requires that homeowners fill out the Senate Bill 360 Evaluation Form once a year. Burning is not permitted on common areas.

Fireworks & Firearms: Fireworks and discharging firearms are not allowed in Tollgate or the surrounding Forest Service areas.

Property use

Planning and Land Use Committee (PLURC): Please remember to read the CC&Rs carefully and obtain an approval form from the Tollgate office before beginning any land-use project. Prior approval must be obtained for the following: Home construction, fences, sheds, exterior painting, driveway surfacing, tree removal, roofing, installation of a sprinkler system, hot tub, stock tank, solar panels, re-circulating pond, drip irrigation or darkroom. Contact the Tollgate office for approval prior to construction or installation.

Use of Property:  No commercial, professional, trade or other activities shall be carried on upon any lot, nor shall anything be done thereon which may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. Unsuitable activities include, but are not limited to, repetitive increases in vehicular traffic, readily discernible atypical noise, or increased safety hazards.

Childcare: Any childcare operation where more than three unrelated children are being cared for and for which remuneration is being paid shall be considered a commercial use falling under the provisions of this article.

Buying or Selling a Property in Tollgate: The Tollgate Property Owners Association requires a corner locate survey prior to the sale of any lots. Prior to transfer of ownership, the seller must also provided a signed release of information to the Tollgate office and rectify any CC&R violations.

Renting or Leasing a Tollgate Property: Please provide the Tollgate office with a completed Rental Notification Form.

Property Maintenance

Each lot and its improvements shall be maintained in a clean and attractive condition in good repair and in such fashion as not to create an eyesore or hazard to person or property.

Watering Rules: Please conserve by watering only every other day at the maximum, and be conservative in your use. Property owners with newly planted landscaping that needs additional irrigation can do so if they contact the Tollgate office prior to installation.

Screening: All trash, cuttings, refuse, garbage and refuse containers, fuel tanks, clotheslines and other service facilities shall be screened from view from neighboring units and common areas. Screening shall harmonize with the surroundings.

Exterior Lighting: Exterior lighting shall be designed, placed and maintained in such a manner as to prevent becoming offensive to neighboring owners or becoming a hazard. Click here to find out more.

Yard Debris: You must register an account with Sisters Fire prior to burning any debris. There are regulations on the site. You’ll need to have a copy of the Sisters/Camp Sherman Fire District Outdoor Burning Regulations at the burning site. An alternative to burning is the dumping of your debris at the Northwest Transfer Station, 68200 Fryear Road, Sisters, for a nominal fee. The landfill is open Wednesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 541-317-3163.


No motorized vehicles other than licensed automobiles and licensed motorcycles may be operated on roadways within the Tollgate subdivision.

Motorcycle and ATVs:  Operation of unlicensed bikes, dirt bikes or snowmobiles on Tollgate streets or commons is not allowed under any circumstances.