Swimming Pool

Swimming season begins Memorial Day Weekend and continues through Labor Day Weekend.


Tennis & Pickleball Court

The tennis court is located in the north end of the main core area of Tollgate. Please remember the tennis court is not for rollerblading, skateboarding or biking. The tennis court is expensive to maintain and activities other than tennis can damage the surface. If you see people engaged in activities other than tennis on our court, please inform them of the rules. 

Basketball Court

The basketball court is located on the south end of the main core area of Tollgate. When the court is not in use you may rollerblade or skateboard on the basketball court.

Walking/Bike Path

A walking/bike path is provided for the Lasso and Lariat loops of Tollgate. Benches have been built and donated by homeowner, Steve Matthews, at various points along the path for your use. 

Please keep your dog under your command at all times when leaving your property. Plastic bags to carry dog waste in are provided at various locations on the pathway for your use in cleaning up after your pet. Please use them to “scoop your poop” and dispose of properly. Make using the pathway a pleasant experience for everyone! 

Volleyball Net

In the main core area of Tollgate is a volleyball net, but you need to provide your own volleyball.