Tollgate’s maintenance crew has come up with a few tips for residents to ease the winter season challenges in our community.

  • PLOWING – Give snowplows room to operate. Stay back at least 50 feet from plows. Please be patient with the plow operator. They are doing their best to clear the streets in the most efficient way possible. Sometimes the plow will stop and turn around in the middle of the street or intersection. DO NOT attempt to pass the plow at any time without the operator’s explicit signal that it is safe for you to do so
  • WINTER GARBAGE CAN PLACEMENT – During a snow event place garbage cans at least 5 feet from the road’s edge to create room for snow to move from the plow. This is especially important in cul-de-sacs! Please remove the can from street side as soon as possible to allow for continual snow removal throughout the day.
  • AVOIDING SNOW BERMS ACROSS DRIVEWAYS – When plowing or shoveling your driveway, create a clear space on either side of your driveway for the snow to accumulate. Keep this area clear when possible, for future storms. This will give the snow a place to go instead of your freshly plowed driveway.  Plow operators will do their best to not leave a berm blocking intersections or driveways.  However, this cannot be avoided at all times, especially during big snow storms. Maintenance staff will do their best to clear all berms left by the plow in a timely manner.
  • WINTER AND YOUR PERSONAL DRIVEWAYS – If you use contractors to plow/clear your driveway make sure they are aware that they are not allowed to park in the street. If they create an obstacle for the snowplow, they will be plowed in. Don’t line your driveway with rocks, railroad ties and the like. These items can be difficult to see when covered with snow and can cause damage to your vehicles. Mark known hazards with 4 to 6 foots snow stakes to avoid damage. Maintenance staff has a few extra snow stakes and is willing to give homeowners a couple for their personal use on a first come first serve basis.
  • MARK WATER SHUTOFFS – Locate and mark your water shutoff with a snow stake.  Your backflow prevention device will be marked by maintenance staff with a wooden stake and painted blue. These can be used to shut off water to the house in an emergency
  • SNOW REMOVAL CONTACT – Here is a list of contractors in the area who have previously plowed in the Tollgate neighborhood. The office has not been able to connect with all of the contractors on the list this year, so it is important for homeowners to do their own research prior to hiring out for work to be done. This list will also be available on our website and can be updated as needed. Please contact the office if you find inaccurate information on this list or if you are a contractor and would like to be added.