• The Annual Meeting was held at the Gallery Restaurant.
  • Dues were $84 a year and lots were selling for $2,950 to $4,300.


  • The Annual Meeting was held at Black Butte Ranch.
  • The average attendance was 10 property owners and lasted 30 minutes.
  • The roads weren’t paved, the speed limit was 15 mph on main roads and 10 mph on cul-de-sacs
  • A security gate was proposed
  • Only 10 homes had been constructed
  • Shuttle busses provided transportation to Mt. Bachelor
  • Association Dues were $84 a year. Water fees were $9 a month
  • There was a $15 fine for dog at large
  • Lot 23 sold for $3,50 ($169,500 in 2005 dollars)
  • There wasn’t a fence around the pool; last one to use the pool each day was to add 2 cups of chlorine. Dogs would occasionally take a few laps around the pool
  • Tennis court was installed
  • The Rec Hall was left unlocked
  • Santa would pass out gifts to the kids at the annual Christmas party
  • There was a Tollgate Ski Club, Tennis Club, Cooking Club
  • The Tollgate Tailgaters would take several trips a year caravanning in their motor homes
  • Telephone service was finally installed
  • The majority of the lots had mountain views, and it was not uncommon to have cougar sightings
  • The office burned to the ground sometime after 1974.


  • Furniture for Rec Hall was purchased – couch, loveseat, coffee table, 2 game tables, a floor rug and ping pong table.


  • Pool house roof fire on Memorial Day caused by the heating system
  • Tollgate petitions to become a part of the Sisters Rural Fire Protection District – taxes would be $1.98 per thousand.


  • Dogs running loose were such a problem that Deschutes County Animal Control was patrolling Tollgate.


  • A committee was formed to establish a playground area
  • A Fuel Management Plan was developed to reduce natural fire fuels.


  • Eighth addition was completed.
  • Property-owners could contract the association tractor for $15 an hour
  • Representative Troop was receiving numerous letters from property owners requesting a solid-yellow no-passing line at the Tollgate intersection.
  • There were dust problems due to our graveled streets.
  • Fire number signs were installed on all developed lots.


  • Special Assessment of $89 per lot for the left turn lane
  • 800 trees were planted by Tollgate volunteers alongside the Tollgate entrance road
  • 144 square feet of oak flooring was donated to Tollgate – anyone know where it went?
  • Santa and elves showed up at the Christmas party
  • A payphone was installed in the postal box area as few residents had phones.


  • Tollgate would plow your driveway for a fee
  • A Neighborhood Watch Program was established
  • Tennis court was resurfaced for $2,590 – in 2007 it was $5,600
  • Children under the age of 13 were charged a user fee of 50 cents if they were not accompanied by an adult when using the pool.


  • Property-owners were charged a $20 user fee for the pool season or $1 per visit.
  • Bridge and pinochle were played in the Rec Hall on Friday afternoons
  • Special assessment of $40 per lot for pool repairs was passed
  • 50% of the lots had houses on them
  • Newsletters were delivered by hand to Tollgate residents.
  • Sisters Rural Fire Protection District leased common area for fire equipment substation
  • A $20 special assessment to pave ½ mile section of Lariat was passed. The ballot heading read – “Will the Tollgate dust bowl finally end”?


  • Purchased Tollgate Water Company for $105,000
  • Discussed purchasing a generator for $30,000 – the generator was not purchased until 1999 for $29,210
  • Tollgate Tailgaters had their first expedition to Beverly Beach
  • The Rec Hall remained unlocked for residential use
  • Raised funds for a piano for the Rec Hall – where is the piano?
  • Received 1,000 ponderosa seedlings.


  • Purchased solar heating for the pool for $11,000
  • Tailgaters went to Diamond Lake and Leavenworth
  • Fire on the common area of Lariat and Buggywhip
  • Gray Toppers Luncheon Group met on the third Thursday of each month
  • You were charged $10 for use of the chairs when renting the Rec Hall.


  • Tailgaters go to Portland visiting the Portland Zoo, OMSI and go shopping. Later they went to Big Lava Lake for fishing and the Cascade Locks KOA.
  • Adult swim aerobics class was organized
  • No-burning regulations were implemented during the summer months
  • Cul-de-sac paving program was approved – Tollgate would pay for base rock and property owners paid for asphalt
  • Babysitting Co-op, Rec Hall book exchange, Youth Activities Group, Art & Craft Group and Horseshoe tournament were established.


  • Cross Connection Program was first discussed
  • Newspaper boxes were installed by the fire numbers
  • Board started negotiations with cable supplier.


  • More trees were planted in our common areas
  • Dumpster was placed by office for residents to use during spring clean-up
  • Postal boxes were installed in a room attached to the Rec Hall bathrooms – rental price was a one-time fee of $30
  • Tollgate Families United Group was established.


  • Tollgate fine for unlicensed dogs was $250
  • Ponderosa seedlings were again planted in the common areas.


  • Pool was resurfaced and new equipment installed – $23,288
  • Bike path from Tollgate to Sisters High School was defeated
  • CC&R Revision Committee was appointed
  • Tennis court located on the west side of the pool was converted into a basketball court
  • Right-turn lane was approved
  • Securing our water rights was a major concern.


  • Lead and copper water testing implemented
  • A special assessment of $50 for pool and road expenses was passed.


  • String-line survey was required for all new construction
  • Five-year plan was appointed for long-term financial planning
  • Large Tollgate signs were installed on the highway
  • Well house #5 was upgraded, then catches fire two weeks later
  • CEC substation transformer catches fire
  • Recycling box at Rec Hall built by Gale Larson.


  • Cross-connection policy was adopted
  • Cougars were a problem
  • Disaster plan was adopted
  • Well house #1 is upgraded
  • 20 fire hydrants were installed and new insurance rating of 5/9 was established.


  • Road repair special assessment of $510 per lot was passed
  • Fire fuel removal was requested of all property-owners.


  • Cross-connection program was mandated by the State of Oregon
  • Lariat loops were chip-sealed
  • Grant was received from Oregon National Guard to remove bitterbrush from our common areas.


  • The proposed CC&R amendment of 1993 finally passed
  • Well house #1 failed and was repaired for $9,000
  • Asset review study was completed and 10-year plan was adopted for future repairs and replacements
  • Received an additional grant from Oregon National Guard to remove bitterbrush from our common areas – total cost to Tollgate was $4,350
  • Deschutes County Sheriff’s Department had a special meeting addressing our speeding  problem
  • No-shooting ordinance was established
  • Generator was purchased for Well house #1 in the amount of $29,210.


  • Property-owners were mandated to remove fire fuels from their properties
  • Secured fire exit through the Forest Service off Wagon Wheel Road
  • Pedestrian/bike-path special assessment failed by 31 votes
  • Office gets first fax machine
  • Handicap parking was created around the rec hall and postal box area
  • CEC substation was vandalized
  • Noxious-weed eradication program was adopted
  • Postal shelter was built.


  • Landscaped around tennis court
  • Animal allowed amendment ballot failed
  • Water System Master Plan was created
  • Tollgate Tailgaters is now a group of owners dealing with horse issues.


  • Property owners were assessed $260 for a cross-connection valve installed at their curbstop
  • Received a grant from the Oregon Department of Forestry to thin the trees in 41 acres of our common area
  • Second attempt of pedestrian/bike-path special assessment failed by 38 votes
  • Feeding deer was banned.


  • Oregon Forestland Urban Interface Fire Protection Act, Senate Bill 360, was mandated
  • Upper Lariat Loop renamed Lasso.


  • Cross-connection device installation was completed
  • Pedestrian bike-path special assessment passed
  • “Tollgate Ahead” signs installed on Hwy 120.


  • For sale or rent sign-board installed next to map sign
  • Birdhouses are allowed on the common area
  • Installed pedestrian/bike path.


  • Tollgate quilt was started
  • Steve Mathews donated the benches for the pedestrian/bike path
  • Tollgate was evacuated due to the Black Crater Fire
  • Tollgate was commended for our Fire & Life Safety Program and our residents’ cooperation during the evacuation.


  • Received Oregon Department of Forestry Bark Beetle Mitigation grant
  • Purchased generator for Well #5 – $34,910.


  • CEC upgraded the substation
  • Senate Bill 360 compliance inspections
  • At the annual picnic $2,500 of donated gift certificates were raffled off.


  • Pool was resurfaced and re-plumbed
  • Website was developed.


  • Received a Project Wildfire Sweat Equity grant
  • When FEMA and Deschutes County Forestry inspected our subdivision they were impressed by the amount of fire fuels  removed and property-owner participation
  • Received Deschutes County Safe Sidewalk Award
  • Adopt-A-Highway Program was organized thanks to Joe Gunterman.


  • Received our Water Rights Certificate
  • CC&R Review Committee was appointed.


  • 42 lots – or 10% – of our properties have a structure with a shake roof
  • We have 23 undeveloped lots
  • Article 7 CC&R Proposed Amendment changes were amended
  • Playground Equipment Special Assessment failed
  • Started installation of the split-rail fencing on the entrance road.


  • Replaced pool-house
  • Split-rail fencing installation on entrance road completed.
  • We became a Firewise Certified community.


  • We had epic snowfall in February – over 4 feet of snow in 4 days.
  • We were visited by 4 Black Angus steers from the Reed Ranch – I guess the grass did look greener from our side.


  • Pool pass and monthly luncheon were reintroduced


  • Replaced the maintenance building
  • Sweat Equity FEMA Grant and Sisters Camp Sherman Fire Department inspected our properties for Project Wildfire and Senate Bill 360 compliance


A Deschutes County Fuel Reduction Grant was awarded for TLC “Trimming, Limbing and Chipping”


A Deschutes County Fuel Reduction Grant was awarded for improving defensible space along Tollgate’s outer perimeter. Both swimming pools were resurfaced and the concrete decks replaced. A new walking path was created along three properties on the east side of Tollgate Road.