Tollgate is divided into two irrigation sections, split from the Lariat fire exit to the Wagon Wheel exit.

  • Yellow shaded (Northeast) section, waters on even days.
  • Blue shaded (Southeast) section, waters on odd days, with no watering on the 31st day of May, July and August.
  • Individual zones on each lot should water no more than 30 minutes per watering day.

Each section will water on alternate days:



  • Any lots with automatic, programmable sprinkler systems do not need to reprogram their system to skip the 31st day of the month.
  • Newly planted landscaping needing additional irrigation, may exceed the ‘every other day’ rule, with approval from the Tollgate Office.
  • For sprinkler systems programmable by the days of the week, please water Monday, Wednesday & Friday for lots in the yellow area, and Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday for lots in the blue area.

Please irrigate between 10 pm and 6 am. This will prevent overloading our system and it also lessens evaporation, compared to watering during daytime hours.